Wednesday, October 01, 2014

7 Weeks to NEAS 2014

8:05pm My first full-paper rehearsal went well last Wednesday. The 1st reading was about 29.5 minutes, & the 2nd one 29.0 minutes ... both right on target. So that's with all props (books & journals quoted plus a special Halloween-themed one that arrived last week & looks killer ... pun intended), paper page-turning, & laptop slide-clicking. It should go without saying, I was quite pleased overall. The biggest thing I'm concerned about now is my incurable stuttering on various words/phrases (different ones each time I do a rehearsal). I expect this condition to abate during the final 4 weeks when I begin reciting my paper every single day.

Another thing I'm concerned about is my occasional delayed breath-catching (that's the best I can describe it). I noticed this during my first video a few weeks ago. It's like a slow-motion yawn that can't complete. Now that I think about it, it happened earlier this year during another video. Not much I can do about it, but it bothers me.

No matter how bad I sound next month, it's unlikely that it'll sound as bad as in this audio recording I made 40 years (yes, 4 decades) ago:

Somehow or another it'll come out pretty good, right?!?!


G.M. Grena

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