Wednesday, October 08, 2014

6 Weeks to NEAS 2014

10:14pm Last weekend's rehearsal went well overall. 29:53, again on target. I attempted to improvise an informal intro, which didn't really feel right, so I'll have to modify or dump it. I'm taking Kris Udd's handle replicas & a 1948 FDC, but had written the 2nd slide not knowing the audience's familiarity with the subject.

An alternative intro I've been bouncing around in my head is simply reciting 2Chr 31:5-12 for general context since I already have it memorized. That's extremely risky though, because of the dynamic nature of the event. All this year I've been posting videos to YouTube to get comfortable with public speaking, but maybe this weekend I'll experiment with reciting this in public places. Should be entertaining. If I can do it each week at a different place/time before the big day, I'll probably go with it; but a single mistake, & it's out.

On the work front, things are going well at my new job with plenty of overtime available, so I'm happy about that; however, I received a jury summons last week, & might have to serve the first week of November, so that's going to be an interesting month!


G.M. Grena

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