Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 Weeks to NEAS 2014

9:16pm Saturday's rehearsal went well again. I recited 2Ch 31:5-12, & then worked my replicas & FDC into the 2nd slide informally. Total time: 29:42. Since coming up with the idea of practicing 2Ch in public last week, I haven't been to any crowded, noisy place yet where it would be appropriate to do it, but I'm ready for the first opportunity!

Last week I forgot to mention that I had begun reading my Lv1 book a couple weeks ago, but alas, I got about halfway done, & haven't had time to proceed into the Ussishkin era. Up to that point, the only scholar who I quoted relevant to a non-neutral interpretation of the icons is A.D. Tushingham in BASOR 201, who viewed the x4X as a "device" (symbol/emblem) for the northern tribes, & the x2x for the southern. He also made an interesting statement about Assyrian kings relevant to the Lipschits et al. interpretation, but I'm not going to delve into it here. I attended 2 Heritage Singers concerts last weekend, so that ate up some time that would've been spent reading, but there's still plenty of time to finish it.

I received a couple of interesting E-mails this week, that I'll share via screenshots below. The first is confirmation of my ASOR conference badge, which upon receiving in San Diego I'll promptly add the Paleo-Hebrew version like I did in 2007!

The 2nd is an invitation to pre-register for the next USA championship staircase race (because at the time, I was still ranked in the Top 50, but since I forfeited the big L.A. race last month, I'm actually #58 right now out of about 16,000 men, & expect to drop out of the Top 100 after the next big local climb & the Sears/Willis climb in the coming month):

This weekend I'm planning to send out an E-mail to my LMLK mailinglist inviting LMLK VIPs to my lecture. Had I not encountered my chest problem(s), I would've challenged everyone to race me up the hotel staircase. Oh well. And since this weekend starts the 30-day countdown, I'll begin rehearsing my lecture daily.


G.M. Grena

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