Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kosher Congress

News you're not likely to read on any other blogs related to Biblical archeology (courtesy of Martin Davidson, Director of Communications, Royal Wine Corp):

Jay Buchsbaum, VP of Marketing for Royal Wines, premiered a hosting of kosher/Israeli wines to members of the Senate and House of Representatives last week. Prominent politicians such as Joe Lieberman & Henry Waxman joined with Bermuda's governor in applauding the quality & sophistication of the wines served.

Buchsbaum communicated the subtleties required in koshering the wine & explained the remarkable facelift experienced by Israeli wines in the marketplace, thanks to improved techniques, enhanced skills, & quality care. Members of the House Committee Wine Caucus readily concurred in toasting the new standards carved by Royal & Herzog wines, domestically & the current portfolio of modern Israeli wines.

This was a rare occasion where there was unanimous agreement without the bi-partisan divisions usually found in the House!

(I can't resist inserting a plug for pp. 75-6 & 377-8 of my book here.)

Meanwhile, 5,000 miles away in an unrelated event, Israel hosted Terravino 2006 in Tel Aviv--the first international wine competition ever held in Israel.

Song of the week: "How Much Is Enough?" by The Fixx (click the song title to visit Amazon; click here for a 27-second sample; 335kb).
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