Saturday, July 29, 2006

Deep in the TIP (p. 1)

If a picture's worth a thousand words, here's 3,000:

The Israel Philatelist, a 36-page bi-monthly technical journal published by The Society of Israel Philatelists, vol. LVII No. 3, June 2006, cover & pp. 100-3: "Part 1 (Flying Scroll) Digging Deeper Into the 1948 Festival Stamps".

To the best of my knowledge (which is extensive on this subject, but not yet exhaustive), this is the first time an actual LMLK handle has been photographed & published alongside the 1948 postage. I love this color photo, but unfortunately, the printer's resolution was not clear enough for you to discern that the blue 20-mil under the handle on the right contains the "ISR'AEL" error (1 out of every 300 20-mils had it). I added a close-up of this rarity to the Postage page of the LMLK Research site last week.

Since the editor could not assure me that the photo would be included in this issue (especially on the cover), the article does not state the provenance of the 2 Z2U handles, but they're ID numbers 53 & 47 from the Redondo Beach collection. (Note that Robert Deutsch has recently offered what I believe to be the best-known Z2U specimen [LMLK Dotcom ID# 90].)

Section headings:

"In the Beginning"
"LMLK Handles for Dummies"
"Type Z2U = Ziph, 2-Winged Icon, Undivided Inscription"
"Let's Make a Date"
"Let There Be (Winged) Light"
"Can You Handle This?"
"What's in a Name?"
"Examine Your Collection"

I only received 1 copy (& quite banged up at that), but hope to obtain several extra copies soon & make them available from The LMLK Dotcom Shop.

I have no way of knowing at this point whether Part 2 will appear in the next issue, but all 3 parts were submitted back in January.

Song of the week: "Una Tarde de Verano" by Sarband (click here for a 29-second sample; 359kb).
G.M. Grena

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