Sunday, November 04, 2018

Read Is Gray and Paper White

While spending another day's useless energy searching for info pertaining to my previous post about the new Hebron park, I found this page:  Inauguration of Tel Hevron Archaeological Garden. At the bottom it has some "recommended articles" including King Seal Artifacts Attest to Hebron's Jewish History. That one has THREE links to works of yours truly, & one to a work of which yours truly was totally ignorant: a 21-page, 2015 white-paper by Ilka Knuppel Gray at Towson University, What Were The LMLK Seals?

Overall, she presents a decent summary of the complex mystery. I'm surprised that her latest citation dates to 2004 (my book & Ussishkin's RAEL) since more-recent publications should've been available to her. I don't have time for an extensive review, but I'm grateful for her numerous citations of my work alongside that of academic giants. Chalk up another one for the Redondo Beach underdog! I'm actually disappointed she cited my Lv1 book when quoting points made by some of those giants, but it's just a white paper; her purpose was to demonstrate subject-knowledge to fulfill coursework, not an attempt to school others.

Naturally I look back & lament her decision to accept/affirm the war-prep theory, but we can each decide which is right, & which is an illusion, right?

G.M. Grena

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