Sunday, November 11, 2018

Are You Age 10-14?

If so, your age matches the main numbers associated with my next book ... & qualifies you for the Sababa Society! Today I received an E-mail that will unravel this riddle, which you can view online at this link.

This year I've been blessed to acquire some of the rarest specimens of "10-14" postage stamps, particularly one related to the Jewish National Fund (Sababa's parent organization). I'm now overly concerned about documenting them in a formal, philatelic manner. So last month I acquired a gaming computer, & plan to launch into the task next year with a target publication date in 2020. Like Lv1, it will be the first comprehensive book on the subject (in any language), & contain a new classification system for the main collectible configurations & plating errors.

How sababa is that?

G.M. Grena

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