Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 Days to NEAS 2014

7:21pm My tooth/jaw problem has persisted for the past few days, so I visited my dentist this morning, & learned that it's a mild form of temporomandibular disorder (a.k.a., temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD/TMJ for short). That was a HUGE relief to learn, because it means that I should be able speak normal on Wednesday. It hurts, but doesn't bother me now that I know it's not some sort of infection that could worsen or interfere with my schedule. It's like stubbing a toe during a stair-climb race. Not life threatening? Ignore it & keep going!

This afternoon, while preparing the 22-page handout for printing, I noticed a minor typo in one of my slides, which happens to be one of two that's repeated. I decided to leave it in since I don't want to bother the conference moderator over such a trivial detail. I doubt anyone will notice it during the presentation, & I'm omitting it from the handout. When I produce the video, I'll use a corrected version.

I was hoping to be able to get 40 copies of the handout printed in color for under $100, but was shocked to learn that it was more like $400. $10 each seemed a bit steep, considering that most of them will be ignored &/or trashed immediately afterwards. So I went with black-&-white for 20 of the pages, & color for 2 I want to emphasize, for $85. Had I known in advance that they were going to be that expensive, I would've printed 40 single-page flyers, & maybe offered $100 for anyone who could meet the challenge I'm making in slide #63. They should be ready for pick up tomorrow afternoon. I thought it was helpful at the 2007 meetings when presenters distributed handouts, so I'm hoping this will help attendees remember some of the key points.

Last night I skimmed over the 300-something-page draft copy of my "Volume 2" book (that I stopped editing in 2012), & didn't notice anything that I overlooked for the lecture. That was also comforting. I'm not going to go to bed tomorrow night until I finish reading the final chapter of Lv1, just to make sure I haven't overlooked anything. Then it'll be all-systems-go.

Time for another rehearsal...


G.M. Grena

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