Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1 Week to NEAS 2014

8:18pm I'm really looking forward to this occasion, but boy, I sure will be relieved when it's finally over. I'm happy to report that my heart-attack symptoms seem to be under control, & my knees have been gradually returning to normal; but last night a new ailment ... what seems to be some sort of tooth infection, an unusual soreness where my jaws connect.

Don't recall feeling anything like this since my teen years when my wisdom teeth were removed. So I decided to start making audio recordings of each of my remaining rehearsals, beginning with tonight. In a worst-case scenario, if I have to have some sort of emergency oral surgery & lose my ability to speak, I can at least play the recording while clicking through the slides & holding up the props, etc. Made several ordinary speech-impediment mistakes, but the biggest mistake of all was pressing the wrong button at the end so that the recording was lost. Ugh. That will NOT happen tomorrow night!

I decided that I'll only be attending the first day of ASOR (based on my engineering work), so it'll probably make sense to stay in the same hotel on Wednesday night; however, I'll wait to see what it's like; in a worst-case scenario, I'll simply drive home, & hope for the best traffic-wise Thursday morning. Garfinkel & Lipschits each begin their sessions around 8am, & the last lectures of interest end after 6pm. It's a real bummer that so many interesting lectures will be held at the same time on Thursday, so I'll just have to "wing" it.

Today I received a 25% discount coupon for making copies at Office Depot/Max, so this weekend I'm planning to make color copies of certain slides for the convenience of attendees (expecting about 40, but will make 50). I want to reduce the possibility of people complaining that I'm going too fast, & also lessen the likelihood of time-waster questions at the end of the presentation.

In other news, I received ASOR's 7-page "Policy/Guidelines on Professional Conduct":

"ASOR's Mission ... maintaining the highest ethical standards of scholarship..."

III.D.2: "ASOR members endeavor to ... acknowledge others’ material contributions and intellectual products with citation of the source or other appropriate courtesy;" & III.D.4: "obtain permission from project, archive, collection or museum directors prior to the publication or presentation of material from a project, archive, collection or museum."

II.2: "Stewardship of archaeological heritage, which is the limited, irreplaceable record of the human past. Stewards of archaeological heritage act as both caretakers and advocates."

Now compare that with III.B.10: "ASOR members endeavor to ... refrain from activities that contribute directly or indirectly to the illicit markets for antiquities and to the value of artifacts in such markets through their publication, authentication, or exhibition."

This policy is, these guidelines are, best summed up as follows: "Anyone accused of plagiarism is innocent until proven guilty (& don't bother us with evidence, we're not interested); all antiquities collectors are guilty (& don't bother us with tripe about stewardship), case closed."

Call me skeptical.


G.M. Grena

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