Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Weeks to NEAS 2014

10:03pm Fun time recording my first fully wired rehearsal last Saturday! I was not expecting any of it to be shareable, but lo & behold, there's one "neutral" slide that doesn't contain any earth-shaking content; & the fact that it contains a minor blooper at the end, prompted me to put it on YouTube for the record:

Also last weekend I found out the size of the conference room we'll be using, & it's about twice the size of my racquetball room. It's slightly smaller than the combination of that room & the office/gym where I'm at right now on the other side of the wall to the right in the video. I also found out that a microphone will be provided, & (at least) the audio will be recorded professionally by the ETS hosts. Not sure if they'll provide a copy, but as I've learned working for 3 decades in the aerospace industry, redundancy is crucial. Just ask Elon Musk (one of SpaceX's test rockets exploded last month because it relied upon a single faulty sensor for one engine).

Been to a few stores recently searching for a particular Halloween prop to use during one of the most interesting slides of the entire show. Wasn't able to find a suitable one, but know of one on eBay, & will buy it this weekend.


G.M. Grena