Wednesday, August 13, 2014

14 Weeks to NEAS 2014

10:49 PM. Covered with splashed white primer paint, but at least I'll be sleeping in a mold-free bedroom tonight! Slideshow is up to 105 slides now. I had hoped to do my first timed read-through today, but the paint-prep took way longer than I had estimated.

In other news, according to the ASOR administrative assistant who sent out the Abstracts draft last week, several scheduled participants have either withdrawn or made significant changes to their submission; so there's a chance that a slot may open for me, but I admit that it's a longshot since I'm sure there are many other people whose submissions were rejected, & would seize the opportunity (I know of at least 2). At this point, I'll be happy if they simply allow me into the conference, so I'm not gonna push my luck.

Last year while working for SpaceX, I heard for the first time about 3-D printers. Super-expensive models have been around for decades, so I'm not sure how I missed hearing about them, but today I was reminded of something I knew about a decade ago: 3-D scanners. And I can now imagine that in the future, LMLK researchers will be able to 3-D scan a handle, & 3-D print replicas. If you are currently living in 2114, & this technology is already outdated, I envy you. By the way, did they also find a way to eliminate mold?

11:17 PM

G.M. Grena

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