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LMLK Update--Valentine's Day 2005

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For those of you who ***love*** Biblical archaeology--especially LMLK artifacts--here are 5 "significant other" updates:

1) Try to "keep it together" as you enjoy the newly published photos of the only unbroken LMLK jar recovered to date, courtesy of the Living Torah Museum (where it is presently on display along with broken LMLK handles also in Harvey Herbert's collection, which were formerly engaged in a "brief affair" at the Brooklyn Museum of Art):
And yes, that is indeed the one I've been mentioning on the Jars page of my website for a couple of years now as the only complete stamped jar, which has an H4x; now we know that it's an H4L.

2) Have a ***ball*** looking at the newly published photos courtesy of the IAA showing the deepest known impressions of the 2-winged icon, & ***kiss*** goodbye the interpretation of it as a flat disk/disc:

3) ***Wink, wink*** Smile, Tel Lachish was recently captured by a candid camera:

4) Question: What do the world's only underwater research facility, Elecia Battle, & the film "Dangerous Minds" have to do with LMLK seals?

Answer: (Seek & ye shall find by clicking one of the following links...)

In case some of you information ***lovers*** were not aware, there's a new breed of web pages gaining popularity over the past couple of years known as Wikis. The name came from a shuttle bus in Hawaii called the Wiki-Wiki, which means "very quick". The Wikipedia is the site I'm ***passionate*** about since it's shown up in many of my online searches. The key element of a wiki page is the ability for anyone to edit it & comment on it immediately. Here is a link to the main page:

If you've ever read a book & noticed something not quite right, something minor relative to the whole of its contents, you've probably been frustrated wondering if/when a later edition would correct it. With the Wikipedia online, now you can make the correction immediately for others to benefit from! Recently I constructed 3 brand new articles:
"LMLK seal"
"Biblical archaeology"

Somebody else has already added info to the latter on the Arks (Noah's & the Covenant). A few days after making my "LMLK seal" page, the people who manage the site nominated it for a 24-hour listing on their Main page under "Did you know?", which changes daily & is read by many people visiting the site around the world. Here's a link to the archive copy:

I also added paragraphs to the already existing pages for:
"Charles Warren"

You'll notice that each article page has tabs across the top so you can participate in a discussion about the subject, & I especially like the History tab where I can compare how the page has changed over time.

It would really be a nice project for someone to translate the "LMLK seal" entry into one or more of the foreign language Wikipedias. The "en" prefix on each of the links in this E-mail requests the English version, but there are also parallel sites for French (fr), German (de), Hebrew (he), Spanish (es), & many others.

You can contribute semi-anonymously (represented by only your IP address), or you can create a free account with a username of your choice. Those who have known me for more than 2 years won't have difficulty figuring out which one I chose! So next time you're online, "make a date" with the Wikipedia!

5) My LMLK article was recently published in the full-color "Bible & Spade" magazine (vol. 18 #1) by the Associates for Biblical Research. Non-members can order it as a backissue for $6 plus postage, or you can subscribe for a year for $17.50, or become a supporting member for $35. Call toll-free 1-800-430-0008 or visit:

By the way, today I heard that Muslims don't allow anyone in their culture to celebrate Valentine's day because they consider it a pagan Christian tradition. I've always been uncertain how to respond to people who ask me what religion I am since I believe these LMLK seals may be representative of the one true God, but after reading my B&S article, you'll understand why now I can say proudly that I'm a pagan Christian!

G.M. Grena

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