Saturday, April 08, 2006

Order! Order in the Royal Court!

As early as 2002, I speculated that the 21+ LMLK seals could be cut like a knife in 2 chronologically distinct strata attributable to the reign of Hezekiah, the knife being Sennacherib.

x2D & x2T
x4C, x4L, & x2U

Many specimens from the sets identified as "after-Sennacherib" also have incised Circle marks, yet only a single x4C & one x4L do (so far).

Originally, scholars upheld wide chronological ranges for the seal sets spanning multiple reigns (Uzziah, Hezekiah, Manasseh, & Josiah favored). But in recent years, the consensus has been that they were all made "before-Sennacherib" by King Hezekiah.

Feel free to post comments on other possibilities.
G.M. Grena

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