Friday, March 23, 2018

MOTB IAA Gallery

No time for a long commentary tonight, just 3 screenshots from a new video posted by DC's Museum of the Bible showing off some LMLKs from the IAA, as if the 200 or so they acquired from Michael Welch's collection were not enough ... though it is very cool to know the famous "Nera Shebna" H2D handle is temporarily in the USA! Total of 8 handles shown, plus the important Arad "Bath" ostracon.

The LMLK stamp jars were ... century BCE. Their stamped handles include a four-winged scarab ... accompanied by a Hebrew inscription LMLK, "(belonging) to the king," and the name of one of four cities: Hebron, Zif, Sochoh, Mameshat. The administrative system continued into the seventh and sixth centuries with jars incised with concentric circles, followed by jars marked with a rosette stamp impression.

Bearing two seal impressions: Two-winged lmlk hbrn "(belonging) to the king Hebron" and a private seal impression"Belonging to Nera (son of) Shebna."

G.M. Grena

Monday, March 05, 2018

Hebron Captcha

Last month my current engineering contract ended somewhat suddenly when the company folded. In many ways it's been the best job I've ever had, affording me time & money to turn my health/fitness around (in a positive direction) as I race toward life's Finish Line.

A few years have elapsed since my last search for new employment, & although the Internet has helped tremendously compared to what it was like back in the 1980s, it's getting more complicated now: more online forms, more bogus inquiries from nether-regions, & captchas to ensure I'm not a bogus candidate.

Most of the captchas are jumbled letters & numbers, but you can imagine how cool it was to be presented with one of the 5 LMLK words:

And today, YouTube-channel "Hebron Israel" posted an equally cool 6-minute video from a drone flying over the city of Hebron, with captions pointing out the highlights (including the archeological site):

Coolest caption: "Researchers believe they were making wine for the Holy Temple in Jerusalem"

Thanks to all of my friends/alliances (i.e., "Hebrons") who prayed for me during this employment transition!

G.M. Grena