Saturday, September 08, 2018

Wisdom vs. Wisdumb

I had an excellent staircase workout today. God enabled my legs to carry over 80 pounds of iron weights up 3/4's of a mile in 3.5 hours. Quite possibly more extra weight than any other elite staircase racer in the world has ever carried for such a distance. I hope I never take the good health God has granted me for granted!

I enjoy challenges. And today's workout reminded me of the event recorded in Matthew 14:1-11 & Mark 6:14-28.

It's too bad King Herod [Antipas] didn't "exercise" the wisdom of Solomon with the daughter of Herodias. Instead of simply caving to her request for the Baptist's head, he should've challenged her:

"I graciously offered to YOU whatsoever YOU would ask, unto the half of my kingdom. I did NOT extend this offer to your mother, Herodias. Because I keep my oaths, I am going to grant your request. Then, after the executioner delivers the Baptist's head to you, I am going to order him to cut off your legs. You danced so well & pleased me so greatly, that I want to keep them here to remind me of this occasion, since you probably won't be able to dance this well as you grow old & feeble ... unless of course you think there is something else you'd rather have than the head of this just and holy man."

G.M. Grena

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