Wednesday, July 23, 2014

17 Weeks to NEAS 2014

Ugh!!! Here it is with 17 weeks to go. I've been planning to blog a countdown of my progress each Wednesday (come Hell or high water), yet here it is at 11:20 PM, & I wanted to be in bed 80 minutes ago.

The big news for today's post is that I finally began constructing my slideshow last weekend. It contains 24 slides representing about the first third of the presentation. For the whole first half of the year I've been fantasizing about the content, thinking it would flow relatively easy from my brain into the PPT file; but now that I see the skeleton/outline, I realize I have a figurative skyscraper staircase to climb here.

The big news today is that I received the draft copy of the gargantuan 127-page PDF for the ETS conference. It was exciting to see my name among real scholars, spelled correctly. To anyone with a reputation who happens to be presenting, I know it must be a real bummer having your name denigrated in print along with mine, but I promise never to do it again!

The only other thing I have time to communicate tonight is that God indirectly gave me a reminder of the discipline needed to achieve this milestone in my life, because the latest issue of Torrance Memorial Medical Center's Pulse magazine arrived today with a great cover photo of a young gentleman, Brandon Matson, climbing Redondo's Ave C staircase. The full cover headline is "A Few Steps More, For One South Bay Native, Discipline is the Name of the Game", but the article's full title is "Brandon Matson Sums Up His Healthy Lifestyle with Just This One Word, Discipline".

I usually climb these as part of my weekly racquetball warm-up jog that begins at the Knob Hill staircase, & Mr. Matson's body is the one I imagine I have while I'm doing it. Here's a video I made last year riding my bike between them:

G.M. Grena

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