Thursday, July 03, 2008

Double Portion (p. 1)

God is still out there, & so are LMLK handles.

In May, the division of the company I had been working at was purchased by their Canadian competitor. The new American place is named CDU. On Tuesday I had to miss a little work to take my car in for major service due to a mysterious loss of coolant; instead of a puddle in my parking space, my engine emitted a burnt-fluid smell. It turns out that both of my head gaskets were blown (I didn't even know my engine had more than 1 head gasket), & I had to get a rental car for a couple of days.

Regular California license plates for cars contain a number, 3 letters, & 3 numbers. There are probably a dozen or so 3-letter combinations that have easily recognizable meaning for me. Ditto for 3-digit numbers. The only car available on this occasion at the agency next to the car dealership, spelled the 3-letter acronym for the company I'm working at, & the 3-digit number was "483" (the somewhat-official classification number assigned to Rosette seals by Olga Tufnell):

The odds of the letters & numbers randomly combining to form something doubly meaningful to me are rather staggering. I didn't major in math, but I'm guessing the odds are in the neighborhood of a million-to-one. Atheistic evolutionists look at what-they-believe-to-be early forms of life & say, "It just happened." I look at the combination of symbols on this license plate & say, "It's just God!"

Until moving to this new company recently, I haven't had the ability to check my personal E-mail during the day, but today I arrived a little bit late after returning the rental car, & checked my mail since I suspected I'd be in a lab most of the morning.

5 minutes earlier, I had received the following message, which I'll keep anonymous with clues censored for reasons that will be plain (my censorings are in brackets; the ellipses were in the original message):

At the request of the excavation director, I have deleted the 2nd half of this message less than one day after posting it.

So now we wait...

"I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me."--2Kings 2:9 (2+9=11)

Song of the week: "Giza" by HSAS (click the song title to visit Amazon; click here for a 25-second sample; 328kb).
G.M. Grena

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