Sunday, May 13, 2007

Swift & Not So Swift

In the April 25th edition of ScienceNOW Daily News, Lucas Laursen reported on the morphing of wings by swift birds (Apus apus):

"Swifts dramatically change wing shape depending on their needs. When the birds dart after insects, they sweep their wings back up to 50 degrees, reducing their head-on profile. They also glide so efficiently that they can sleep aloft, with their wings spread straight out..."

Researchers study swift wings so they can integrate this technology into aeronautical applications of the future. With the help of some creative engineers, we've seen it evolve over the past century from the fixed-wing gliders, to rotary-wing machines like helicopters; so this would seem to be a logical advancement, though each style has its own benefits.

Genesis 1:20 records God creating winged creatures on the 5th day. The study of swifts is fascinating, & a good example of scientific research, but as is typical with modern publications by atheists, the article must include some gratuitous insertion of religious beliefs by Evolution scientists, like this one by Adam Summers at the end of the article:

"I think we'll learn some wonderful things about the evolution of flight."

Yeah, if you start with the Wright Brothers...

The News & Developments section in the April issue of R&D Magazine provides additional humor on a subject I touched on in Evolution Science: Dark Energy--the primary ingredient of the universe (~73%).

The headline proudly proclaims, "Unveiling the Secrets of Dark Energy". At first I thought, "Oh great, now an important subject in my book has been falsified & outdated." On p. 36 I chide atheistic scientists for choosing "dark" rather than "invisible" because atheists commonly mock us for believing in the Divine Being we can't see with our eyeballs.

An impressive color photo of "an exploding white dwarf star" accompanies the article, & lends support to the stunning announcement, making unsuspecting readers think, "Wow, look at that--dark energy in action right before my very eyes!"

But as is typical with modern publications by atheists, the article slowly reveals the truth, which turns out to be 180 degrees opposite the headline propaganda:

"Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Calif., & the "Univ. of Chicago, Ill., have used their supercomputing expertise to take another step toward unveiling the secrets of dark energy."

Hey, a few seconds ago you told me you were going to unveil it, not just take a "step" towards unveiling it! What's projected as science turns out to be a con game.

"The scientists ... created a 3-D simulation of an exploding white dwarf star ... [that] will enable astrophysicists to gain insight into dark energy—an unknown force..."

Oh, I see, so you're not only not going to unveil it, you're admitting that it's still just as "unknown" today as it was yesterday. You're basically playing a hi-tech video game & promoting a computer manufacturer. How fascinating! And how much money & time did you spend to make this marvelous accomplishment?

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"I clothe the heavens with blackness..."--Isaiah 50:3

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