Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deep in the TIP (p. 4)

Today is publication-crunch day, as I raced to get my drawing of the Zayit-Stone inscriptions published online prior to the big, annual conference of Biblical scholars being held in nearby San Diego later this week.

Last week I received my copies from the The Society of Israel Philatelists of the 4th & final installment of my philatelic series on LMLK postage stamps in their journal (Part 1 appeared June 2006; Part 2 in December 2006; Part 3 in June 2007).

The full title is "Digging Deeper into the 1948 Festival Stamps: Part 4 Flying Scroll", & it spans pages 190-2 with 1 photo (not including the one of me) & 5 tables. Here's a lo-res snapshot of the first 2 pages:

Section headings:
"Four Time As Rare!"
"Who's On First?"
"Hezekiah the Postmaster"

Phun stuff! Philately is truly the king of hobbies!

Note that I'm hoping to publish blog reports on all the lectures I attend during the course of next week (there are 20 on my agenda for ASOR, & 26 for SBL), but I may only have time for a summary during the Thanksgiving weekend. Expect full treatment throughout December. This, too, is fun stuff!

Song of the week--where I've been all week mentally: "Top of the Rock" by HSAS (click the song title to visit Amazon; click here for a 30-second sample; 393kb).
G.M. Grena

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