Sunday, July 22, 2007

Deep in the TIP (p. 3)

The saga continues, I'm pleased to report! Part 1 appeared June 2006; Part 2 in December 2006. Now the June 2007 issue by The Society of Israel Philatelists contains the 3rd installment, the content of which was actually unplanned when I did the initial draft that the editor divided into 3 parts. So what was originally Part 3 will now be Part 4.

The full title is "Digging Deeper into the 1948 Festival Stamps: Part 3 Flying Scroll", & it spans pages 110-2 with 7 photos (not including the one of me). Here's a lo-res snapshot of the first 2 pages:

Section headings:
"First a Quick Update"
"Getting Out of Line!"
"Line 'em Up!"

The editor's computer made a few unauthorized changes to my draft:

1) The caption under my photo should be "Redondo Beach", not "Redondo Beanch" (my fault for not catching this in the PDF preview I was given).

2) The endnotes are numbered 1-5 in the body of the article, but should be 46-50 as they appear on p. 112.

3) The 1st sentence under the Hebrew letters on p. 112 says, "I've underlined in red the relevant letters." However, non-colorblind readers might notice that the underlines are actually in black.

Another problem that I'm to blame for is the omission of a link to Fig. 13 in the article. It should have been mentioned in parentheses after the first sentence in the last paragraph on p. 110.

But minor publication discrepancies aside, this is the first time the margin/gutter lines on these LMLK postage sheets have been formally documented.

Another important milestone in today's blog is that these are the first photos I'm publishing taken with my new camera I bought yesterday. My old camera was a 2 Megapixel; this one's a 10Mp. I'm hoping to learn to use its numerous features throughout the week & discuss it in detail the next time I blog. I also want to chronicle my photography experience over the past 5 years doing LMLK research. But as a preview, here's a full-size section of the photo shown above for the first page of this TIP article--this is right about in the center, & you should be able to see the black margin line that the tip of the red arrow is pointing to:

Song of the week: "Borderline" by Madonna (click the song title to visit Amazon; click here for a 23-second sample; 295kb).

Close runners up: "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash, & "Wichita Lineman" by Glen Campbell. I guess I'm just not in a C&W mood today ... although I do find it very, very easy to be true, & I know I need a small vacation!
G.M. Grena

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