Friday, May 16, 2014

Freedom, Imprisonment, Honor, Rejection

Earlier this year, the prime minister of Israel released a 3rd batch of 26 terrorists/murderers from prison for injuring/killing humans.

Earlier this week, a judge sentenced a former prime minister of Israel to prison for accepting bribes involving real estate.

Earlier this year, ASOR announced that Full Prof. Oded Lipschits would chair a session at their annual meeting on new discoveries in the City of David.

Earlier this week, ASOR formally rejected my paper proposal for their annual meeting, wherein I planned to show why the classification systems of Lemaire/Lipschits are defective relative to mine, & announce the discovery of a new word divider & mini-letter on one of the seals.

I'll admit that this comparison of current events is not entirely fair to the terrorists/murderers since they never agreed to uphold an academic institution's Code of Honor.

G.M. Grena

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