Sunday, January 22, 2012

LMLK Credit, Publishers Edition

The 2nd important form of support I received while building the LMLK Research website 10 years ago came from several key authors/publishers.

From the director of excavations at Timnah, & author of the popular textbook, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: 10,000-586 B.C.E.:

Amihai Mazar on April 2, 2002: "Dear Mr. Grena, I can grant permission to scan photos from Qedem 37. By the way - In the mean time we published Qedem 42 with a full publication of the impressions from Timnah - Tel Batash."

Amihai Mazar on April 6, 2002: "You don't have to ask J.Aviram for permission to reproduce photos from Qedem 42- permission is granted by me herewith. If you need additional photos - please let me know. If you want to include color photos - I may be able soon to send you digitized photos (we plan to digitize all our slides)."

From the longtime director of the Israel Exploration Society, the administrative editor of its Israel Exploration Journal, & the editorial director of its numerous archeological books such as the Eretz-Israel & encyclopedia (EAEHL & NEAEHL) volumes:

Joseph Aviram on April 07, 2002: "Dear Mr. Grena, In reply, we agree to grant permission for you to utilize the material you have requested for the web site only. Permission is not granted for use in any future published material based upon your website. Please be sure that full credit is given to the Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem, with links provided to our website, as you indicated."

From the primary author/editor at Archaeological Center Publications:

Robert Deutsch on April 22, 2002: "You have permission to use any of the photos of all my publications."

From the longtime director of excavations at Lachish, & at the time of this correspondence, the editor of Tel Aviv, Journal of the Institute of Archaeology:

David Ussishkin on June 28, 2002: "Dear Mr. Grena: Thank you very much for your message. ... You are most welcome to use the illustrations you need for your new web site. I wish you all success in your project and I am looking forward to seeing the new site in the near future on the web."

From the Palestine Exploration Fund curator:

Felicity Cobbing on September 11, 2002: "As for use on website/academic publication, this should not be a problem. In the case of the website, which I have had a brief look at (very impressive!) I will pass the request over the website committee, who may well suggest setting up a link."

Felicity Cobbing on October 25, 2002: "Regarding putting the images of the website, I see no problem as long as unworthy and dishonest people unlike your good self can't download them and use them without our permission. Other than that, it's no different from an article in a journal."

Those were the most important permissions I received in that first year, which significantly boosted the content value of the website. Of course I've received others, plus those from fellow collectors, some of which I'll feature in later blog articles.

It surprised me when people from other organizations refused to grant a similar courtesy or ignored me completely. So I remain extremely grateful to the people & organizations listed above for lending their support to my project.

G.M. Grena

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