Sunday, October 12, 2008

Succot in Hebron 2008

Boy, this ad really jumped out at me this week:

This is an abbreviated version just to show the full title. Here's a link to a hi-res PDF version of the flyer.

In particular, notice that there will be a "pottery making" activity. Wow!

They're even providing "inexpensive bullet-proof buses" to shuttle visitors from Jerusalem & Tel Aviv. Under such circumstances, I'm not sure how popular the "horse-driven carriages" will be, but it says they'll be "coordinated with our security forces."

Song of the week: "In God's Country" by U2 (click the song title to visit Amazon; click here for a 29-second sample; 361kb).
G.M. Grena

Chephirah–The Biblical Village Roars Again, 186 views
Royal Banquine, 81 views
ASOR 2007 (p. 6), 62 views

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